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    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:54 pm

    (Main article: ) You can now buy xat money (xats) to purchase kisses and powers in the chat box and subscriber time (days) to enable special features.

    To buy xats you need to be registered (Click on your name and then the Register button). When you are registered, click your name, and click the "Get Xats" button.

    [edit] Transfer
    To give someone xats or subscriber time click on their name in the Visitors list and click the Transfer button. Then, type in the number of xats and/or days you want to give them, as well as your registered user account password. You can also enter a message with the transfer if you wish.

    [edit] Ultra smilies
    are special smilies that have extra features or only work for subscribers but don't worry if you're not a subscriber, all the existing smilies will continue to work and we will be adding more. Current Ultra smilies are (X) (CLOVER) (GHAT) (AIRPLANE) (HEARTS) (HIPPO) (SURPRISE) (PAINT) (CONFETTI) (CHAMPAGNE) (CRY) (ARGUE) (PARACHUTE) (DYNAMITE) (LIPS) (BUGS) (LB) (FIREWORKS) (BOMB) (BLOOD)

    [edit] Ultra Avatars (Glitter)
    are jazzed up avatars/picture. Instead of using a picture you can use most smilie codes instead, for example you can put (CD) or (CIR) as your picture. You can also add effects to your avatar. To add an effect put #hearts , #lips , #glitter , #beams, #blood, #led, #bounce, #xmas, #equ, #walk, #up, #down after your picture. To add a smilie effect add #up#xtre where xtre is the smilie you want. (Note that only smilies that are in brackets work, so (ninja) works and |-) doesn't.) Below is all of the effects and what they do:

    Bounce makes a smilie "bounce" around your avatar.

    LED lets you write a message to go across your avatar with LED lighted-effects. You can also change the color of the LED lights.

    Beams makes search-light style beams go on your picture.

    Blood makes blood fall down your picture. You can also set the color of the blood.

    Equ makes DJ-styled bars go on your avatar.

    Glitter allows you to add glitters to your avatar, for an extra shine effect.

    Lips makes kissy-lips go on your picture. You can change the lips to any smilie you like.

    Up makes smilies go up in your picture. You can use any smilie.

    Down makes smilies go down your picture. You can use any smilie.

    Walk makes a smilie "walk" along the edge of your picture.

    Snow makes snowflakes fall to the bottom of your picture, and snow build up and eventually break. You can use any smilie and snow color.

    Xmas adds Christmas lights to your picture.

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